Content Marketing Strategy

21st June 2016 - Content Marketing, Digital Marketing 101, Tips & Tricks

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Strikes Back!!

Content marketing is back on the marketing playground. With the digital age, the distribution of content became easier and faster.
Companies have started to focus on creating meaningful, helpful and target-oriented content which is being distributed to their target customers through digital media. And, you need to step-up your game as well if you want your company to stand out in the crowd.

Content Marketing

Tell your story through Content Marketing.

How to generate content?
The first step in the content marketing campaign or in any other campaign is to formulate a Content Marketing Strategy.

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

It refers to the practice of planning the content creation, delivery, and governance.
First of all, understand that Content Marketing Strategy is different than a Content Strategy.
How is Content Marketing Strategy different from Content Strategy?
Content marketing strategy: Content marketers draw and develop the larger story that an organization tells. They focus on ways to engage an audience, using content to drive profitable behaviors. Think of a content marketing strategy as an outline of your key business and customer needs and a detailed plan for how you will use content to address them.
Content strategy: On the other hand, content strategy delves deeper into the “creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.” As The Content Wrangler, Scott Abel, says, content strategy helps you manage content as a business asset.

There are five basic components to every Content Marketing Strategy:
1. Your Reason for creating content.
2. Your goal for the content program, the value you are looking to provide through your content.
3. Your specific audience for whom you are creating the content.
4. Character of your Content Marketing, i.e what message you want to deliver and how is it different from your competition. The Brand Story!
5. The various platforms you are going to use to tell your story.

So, get your marker out and start putting down your ides on the whiteboard today!!

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